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We are

A team of professionals with a variety of backgrounds in social work, education, psychology, arts and more. Having studied and practiced all over the United States and the world, we have come together to develop programs of education for the South West Florida community. Together we represent many years of experience working with children, families, educators and organizations in field of education and development. We all volunteer our time and effort to contribute to the program.







Maria Luisa M. Carter

An experienced Entrepreneur, Speech Therapist, Multimedia Artist, Pyschodramatist, Global Citizen, International Curriculum Specialist and Speaker.

Non- Profit House of Gaia Community Center - 2008 - 2020

President & Founder

Awarded as ” Queen Mother of Torgorme Village” Ghana Africa- 2012 view link

2015 Excellence in Diversity Awards Hodges University view link

2016 SWF Face Awards view link

2020 Lady Liberty Leader Woman March to Win Award view link

-*B.A Degree in Art, Faculdade da Cidade, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
-Pos Graduation in Group Therapy -1986-Certificate in Psychodrama Association of Rio de Janeiro – FEBRAP – 1989-

-*Speech Therapy, Veiga De Almeida University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil- 1991-

-*Master in Early Childhood Education– Southern Connecticut State University – New Haven 1997

- Chief Happiness Officer 2019 (FIU)

- Science of Happiness - HSA Alumna 2019

- Positive Psychology Coach

- International Speaker: Brazil, Dubai, India, Switzerland, Interport Lecture Semester at Sea


Also known as “Lulu”(nickname given by her students), is an expert in Holistic Education.
Lulu has a particular interest in providing services to children with different abilities and special needs. The style Outside the Box Program has proven to  well serve children, teens and adults (with different abilities) to thrive. Life with Autism is a partner program and Outside the Box is committed to creatively working together with all children and families to achieve a place of success. Together with her team, she is responsible for developing, teaching and directing the services at Outside the Box – Programs  as well other education programs at  House of Gaia and in the world.


“Lulu Carter” has designed art and education programs for schools, universities and non-profit institutions in many parts of the world.”In my 30 years as an multi media artist, business woman, educator and therapist, I’ve traveled all around the world, worked in the private and public sectors and contributed to the education and development of children, families and educators of all backgrounds and needs”.

Salima Silverman

She is an experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and specializes in working with children and families.  In addition to teaching child and family yoga, she is also skilled at helping adults connect with their inner child.  Salima’s Yoga style is creative, fun and invigorating. Her classes incorporate communication, social and coping skills through group dynamic exercises and utilizes metaphor’s related to movement. Salima’s yoga programs help increase self-control/self-regulation, self-esteem, focus, balance, strength, mind and body connection, elevate mood, and aid to improve sleeping habits.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.” 

~ Dr. Seuss

Sherry Coffey

Certified , Instructor of Belly Dance & Hawaiian Hula

Sherry is an experienced instructor of Belly Dance and Hawaiian Hula, having been involved in these art forms as a performer and instructor for over 25 years. Recipient of the 2002 Middle Eastern & MediterraneanDanse Orientale Award, she performed as a soloist for 15 years in Greek, Persian and Middle Eastern restaurants as well as at private functions. Certified as a Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® instructor and trained at the prestigious Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu, she is now busy teaching a full range of classes throughout SW Florida and is the director of the Belly Dance & Hula Connection, featuring Belly Dance, Tribal and Polynesian dance companies which are popular entertainment for special events and local festivals, as well as promoting semi-annual shows that are open to the public. In addition to teaching a variety of dance styles, Sherry sponsors workshops with out of area talent and develops programs to meet specific needs within the community; she is Past President of the Hawaiian Club on the Gulf Coast and is currently the Organizer for the SW FloridaBellydance Meetup. Her mission is to share her love of dance in a culturally responsible way and build a local community that connects globally; to honor the roots of these dances and blossom into inspired movement. To connect with Sherry, visit her website

Some of Our Volunteers...We are grass root non-profit. We have many volunteers!

They are a group of kind people with hearts ready to help, ready to make the difference in the world, people that have a need to care and simply ACT!!!

As you may know in contrast to programs based on more traditional charity principles, our projects are based on community building / self-help principles. That means that there is little distinction between “volunteers” and “participants.” Volunteers aren’t so much “helping someone out” as they are taking part in the exciting opportunity to help build global connections through community development.

Jacqueline Johnson (Volunteer Coordinator)

Has been a volunteer for several years for House of Gaia. She is an author, motivational speaker, theatre major; an artist of many modalities. She enjoys creating  unique hand crafted items such as accessories, costumes, fun ornaments and charms.

She is also a songwriter, poet, musician and singer. Her zest for life is contagious, always shinning through, as she shares her heart with a smile wherever she goes.


Lislane Bruce (2017) & Lulu Carter 
Mother and daughter originally from Brazil founders of Beegaia/ House of Gaia work philanthropically for over 8 years, 24/ 7 to keep the organization active, organized, and happy. “This is a LABOR OF LOVE , very contagious! we have being working very hard to promote, teach and spread something unique what we like to call seeds of love! We are creating a place where money is important but is not what rules the place, we have dedicated over 6 years of our lives, our days and weekend time to serve this community and the other International House of Gaia projects. There is nothing that will stop us, this kind of programs is essential to our modern society today, our programs teach communication skills, peace and conflict resolution, we teach about values and the importance of being kind to each other, more than an art center, we want to create a place and bring programs that makes a difference in this world.” Lulu Carter.

Lis and Lulu had their own preschool in Brazil, Lis is family psychologist with 30 years of experience. Both have being working together for 24 years. “We like to inspire others how to think outside the box and we would like to think we set an example for present and future generations of the importance of family union.” Lis Bruce.


Roberto Bruce
Lulu’s step father. Motivated to help the family, Roberto helps Beegaia / House of Gaia with account and computer matters. He is retired from a Brazilian National Bank. Worked as an executive at IBM in Brazil, he brings his gifts for all Gaia’s computer and administrative issues. Thanks to Roberto our books looks good, organized and and our computer data base is healthy!


Suely Goings
She was one of the first volunteers for our program once we started with Outside The Box- Programs! Suely is very enthusiastic and she loves to share her high energy in our events, she helps with what is needed. She coordinated the Rice and Beans event at the Salvation army in 2011, an event created to fund raise for rice and beans to Haiti. She had participated and volunteer for many of our events like 350 at the park, 10-10-10 at Mercato. She coordinated with Isabel Backus a support group called Heart Connection, to bring more joy and compassion to our local community. She is our 911, our emergency number, we can call her anytime and she is always willing to help out. Our nonprofit is very lucky to have her in our team of volunteer!

Cherly Lynn Patton - FAMILY DRUMS
“Do what you do with all your might. things done in half are never done right”. That describes her devotion to all she does for Gaia. She started as one of our students taking drumming class, today she teaches drums to children, she also participated in the Holiday around the world 2011 and 2102,Asian Fest in House of Gaia’s in 2013 art booth and art classes for special needs. She shares a special and friendly energy!


Anna Andreoulakis

Florida resident for over 30 years and a member of House of Gaia since 2010. 

Anna is a caring and compassionate soul who develop a program to honor the life of her son Dylan, on which she donates backpacks and books to homeless people in our community.

Today she inspires many people to be part of our 'global unconditional loving non profit community called House of Gaia'.

Damian Rodrigues


Damian discovered he had a love of traveling to different parts of the world. Damian is very passionate about learning new cultures and their culinary practices. 2016, was an especially inspiring year. Along with involvement in the Rotary, he alsodecided to partner with the Non-Profit Organization, House of Gaia, and traveled to an orphanage in Haiti. To this day, that experience has truly altered his life forever.