Our story our mission...

House of Gaia is a Non-profit Community Center focused in social inclusion programs for participants of all ages and abilities.  Located in Naples, Florida. Founded in 2008.

House of Gaia achieve it's mission by educating and building meaningful connections with participants as well creating community partnerships.


Programs of Art, Culture, Well-being, Global-Citizenship, and Service Learning are offered at our center.

Explore Your World! Our events, Classes & Workshops promote: peace, non violent communication, social skills & learning about diversity. 


We have an oustanding connections to schools, nonprofits, and educational institutionals all around the world.

Our programs are offered in local schools, museums, parks, events &  in our Naples Community Learning Center.


1.Engage the families, individuals and educators of our community in the process of providing a safe and creative space where they may channel and develop their personal skills at their own pace.

2.Balance and enrich the knowledge children and individuals through the art, culture, well-being, global citizanship, service learning & travel. . 

3.Help children, families and individuals with all abilities express themselves by means of all forms of art.

The individuals attending House of Gaia programs will be aware of these goals in order to help them feel they are part of a mindful community, our connections are globally, and they can make a difference in the lives of others! READ MORE